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a meme.

First and last lines of the last ten stories I've posted in reverse chronological order (I saw this on nycscribbler's journal last, I think):

"The Light in Our Eyes." NBA AU, NC17, multiple pairings.

First line: Melo doesn’t tell anyone, but he has a secret suspicion that there aren’t any kids in Denver.

Last line (19,000 words later): He doesn’t even think about him.

"Let the Rain Come Down." MLB ficlet, PG, Troy Tulowitzki, Yorvit Torrealba, Ubaldo Jimenez.

First line: Rain makes Yorvit's arms slick and tight, the tendons tense and snappy.

Last line: And he because he is patient, he gently loosens Jimenez's fingers one by one and doesn't think about anything other than September and baseball and rain when Jimenez slides his hands back down Yorvit's arms and leans in to rest his head on Yorvit's shoulder.

"Lying to Beat the Sun." NBA, NC17, Steve Nash/AI

First line: Nobody notices when Steve spits vodka all over himself and the bar.

Last line: The battery dies before the call goes through.

"Love Like Fading (Summer in September)" Bandom, NC17, Pete/Patrick

First line: Dreaming is a tricky proposition for Patrick, most times.

Last line: “There’s nothing left to leave.”

"Dreaming My Way Deep." NBA, NC17, Melo/AI, Melo/Eddie

First line: In the dream, Melo’s home in Baltimore, alone.

Last line: Melo’s not sure whether Eddie just complimented him or made fun of him, somehow, but that’s Eddie, and Eddie’s making him waffles now, and he’s willing to take that as a sign that, either way, they’re going to be okay.

All Stars and Crashed Cars." NBA, NC17, Melo/Eddie, Melo/Eddie/JR

First line: It takes JR until the middle of the third quarter to ask Melo how they’re getting home.

Last line: Then, thinking about Eddie and snowflakes and the quiet and the dark, he says, “I just want to go home.”

"Last Rose of Summer." Bandom AU, R, Pete/Patrick

First line: Rough-hewn stone scrapes along the palm of Pete’s hand, raising the memory of calluses and rope burns.

Last line: He hums one of Patrick’s old songs to himself as he falls asleep.

"Better a Fashion Show Than No Show at All." Bandom AU, NC17, Pete/Patrick

First line: Slipping, sliding and trying not to scrape his back, Patrick makes an honest attempt to get comfortable while laying at the bottom of a big concrete bowl.

Last line: Patrick figures he won’t be able to wear it much longer since it’s about to unravel on him, come apart at the seams (Pete looks over the back of the front seat and winks), but it doesn’t really matter if the shirt disintegrates the next time Patrick washes it; if he’s going to be living in Vegas, he’s going to need new clothes anyway.

"Sex, Lies and Money." NBA, NC17, Melo/Eddie, Melo/Dwyane Wade

First line: Melo’s late.

Last line: “Me neither,” Melo lies, turning around.

"We're After the Same Rainbow's End." Bandom, NC17, Jon/Spencer, Jon/Spencer/Ryan

First line: Touring almost constantly hones Spencer’s body and his nerves to a razor’s edge.

Last line: Jon buys Spencer an old copy of How to Win Friends and Influence People, and Spencer thinks that the two of them might really be on to something.

I don't know why YIM won't let me log in, but it's a tiny bit frustrating.
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