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Oh, hectic week. I got back from Phoenix (where I had a WONDERFUL time with horizon_greene) on Tuesday and had to rush to get ready for school tomorrow. So, because I don't want to think about that anymore before I go to bed, and because I think the trip to Phoenix and the two basketball games while there inspired me, here's a Nuggets picspam.

Starting here:

come hither

With AI's "come hither" thing.

oh yeah

He's pretty excited about it.

flying ai

He thinks he deserves a little something after plays like this.

thumbs up

Melo agrees.




twins 4


They're adorable together. Seriously.


nene and timmy

Nene is apparently getting some action. Who knew?
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that cracked me up :P

do you start the semester tomorrow? if so, good luck. we do, and I am ALREADY counting down the days until May. Good lord.
I did start the semester on Monday, and this has been the week from hell. Lord. May can't possibly get here soon enough.

Deleted comment

Nene, Nene, Nene. I never know what to do with him.
Aw, Tim. Is it true that Nene will be out for a while?
It is, This always happens to him. He just starts getting into the groove, getting into shape, and then ... something. Frustrating.
Now when I see Carmelo and A.I. flirting, I automatically wonder how Eddie feels about it.

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Can we be lj friends?
Sure. :) I'll warn you though, I haven't been posting much lately. Things are pretty quiet around here.